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Nikola Tesla stated,"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."

We are all energy. Everything is. Color is reflection of light, which is energy. Each color has it's own vibration and wave length. Everything is made up of little vibrating things called atoms that make up an entire organism, like you and me, or your dog, or cat, or a tree, or a rock, anything and everything. Everything is energy. Nothing is excluded. If you look at the grand scale of things, everything is one giant symphony of energy made up of groups of atoms vibrating together which makes one "master" energy. Sound is energy as well. Just like music, there are many different notes and tones and pitches and ways they are all put together, but if you put it all together, one can make a song, just like how all the different energies in the universe all combine together to make one master energy which makes us all one.

So what? Well, knowing that we and everything else is energy helps us understand our reality and how we shape it. Every thought and feeling in our brain is physically real as it makes an electrical signal which sends messages to the rest of our body. This electrical signal is energy, even if it is only a small amount. When you speak out loud, you are creating an even bigger energy depending on how loud your voice is and other vocal factors. All of these energy waves ripple out. Think of a body of water and compare it to the oneness of energy that is all of us and existence. If a drop of water falls into a pool of water, ripples are created, spreading outward until it doesn't anymore. When you make electrical signals in your brain or speak things out loud or do anything that creates energy, you are creating ripples in the overall master pool of energy we call life, therefore changing your reality.

Now think about what you tell yourself every day. Are you telling yourself that you are dumb, sick, depressed, fat, ugly? Or are you telling yourself that you are happy, healthy, intelligent, good looking? Every time you create those thoughts, you are putting that physical energy into your brain and body, which your body responds to. By saying and telling yourself the things you do, you are shaping yourself and your reality. They may be only small ripples of energy, but think long term. If someone tells them self that they are dumb for 20 years, they will live thinking they are dumb and may not become as smart or intelligent as they could potentially be. If someone tells them self that they are happy and confident every day for 20 years, chances are they will be happy and confident, being able to handle even the worst parts of life much more than the person that keeps telling them self that they are depressed and can't take life anymore. You are physically changing and becoming your reality you manifest when you tell yourself these things.

You might be thinking, well, it's not that easy when you are depressed or going through hard times in life. No, at first, its not. You have to reprogram your brain to start the habit of thinking positively. This takes effort and is something that will take some time. Even if you don't believe it, "lie" to yourself. You are at least still creating those positive thought electrical signals in your brain which starts getting the rewiring or conditioning of positive energy moving. For instance, if you start feeling depressed because you feel worthless, start telling yourself, "I have worth", "I am a good person", "I like myself", "I am happy". You may not actually feel that way, yet, but keep at it. Eventually you will get in the habit of saying those things to yourself, even if you still don't believe it, every time you start feeling badly. Over some time, the low lows will be less low and you might even begin to think that you are getting somewhere with this which might motivate you to keep at it. After some more time, you might begin to believe the things you are saying a bit more and even think to yourself, "Hey, I might not be such a bad person after all. I have been putting effort into loving myself which means that I DO have worth, and I AM a good person." After some more time, the lows will get even less low and the habit of building yourself up becomes more automatic, which eventually will lead to long term contentness and even happiness with ones' self. It takes time, but is well worth it. Its like adding new water to the pool of energy which eventually pushes out the old toxic stuff and replaces it with only the pure and good stuff.

This process is called manifesting. My theory is that this is how prayer works too. The Bible, for instance, stresses praying out loud. Why? Well, in my opinion, looking at it at an energy point of view, praying out loud creates more energy than praying in your head which makes it easier to manifest what you are praying about. The Bible also says that the more people that pray about something at the same time, the more powerful it is. If you look at it in the pool of water metaphor, the more drops of water that enter the pool at once, the greater the ripples and the more of a difference it makes. I am not saying that we are God, as nothing could even exist without something bigger than our universe to create it, but we do have the power to manifest and shape our reality. You do not need to be religious to do that.

Looking at the big picture, there are billions of drops that create ripples in the energy pool of life. We all co-create our realities together. Our energies mix and mingle and create the bigger picture. If you think you are too small to make a difference, think again. Every ripple changes the reality. By shaping your reality into a positive one, you are also able to help shape others' realities as well with positivity. If someone is depressed all the time, that is going to ripple off onto the people they are with. When you are with your friends and one of them is sad or upset, of course you can tell and your emotions and thoughts change accordingly. Maybe they change to wanting to help them, or you feel bad for them, or you start getting depressed too, or even get angry because you don't know what to do or how to help, no matter how it changes the way of thinking, the fact is that it can and will usually change some aspects of thought. Same with a person radiating happiness. It is contagious in some cases!! Especially when there are a bunch of happy people together, it builds up that happiness even more!

By changing what you think, you can also change your circumstances in life as well. Am I saying that by sitting around and thinking about what you want it will all come true? No, not at all. But, if you want to start up a business for instance, rather than sitting around and thinking "It's too hard" or "I can't do it", it would be more productive to think that you can do it which builds up your confidence to try, which is the biggest first step. After that, you can start taking yourself more seriously and start thinking up your plans and how you will accomplish your goal.
This is an article I wrote about how we, and everything else in existence, is energy and how you can use that to shape and change your reality!

To learn more about the physical matrix of reality, please read here: [link]

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know! =)
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